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Smith Devereux Redesign

Wine Clubs

We offer two club levels, the Smith Club and the Devereux Club. Nailed those names didn't we? Each club level is user choice. What does that mean? We prepare a shipment for you 3x a year. Awesome. Now let's say you only want red wines and are ok missing out on our award winning Chardonnay, totally cool, just update your shipment with the wines you desire and we'll send them your way. America is great, isn't it? 
In addition to getting your allocations of Smith Devereux wines (the best part!), you'll be on the inside track to our wine dinners, events, parties, and other unique experiences we have planned. Here are a few benefits of joining our clubs:

Join this club. Seriously, it's pretty great. We send you wine. You drink it. You order more. You share with your friends. Everyone is happy. Remember that band you discovered before everyone else and how excited you were to share your new discovery? That's this club!!! Three times a year we'll send you three bottles of our award-winning wines, satisfying your wine needs for a few good dinners or tantalizing your palate enough to stock your wine rack (or cellar) with cases of Smith Devereux—using your member discount, of course. Smith may be a common name, but this is not a common wine club.

The Devereux Club is just like the Smith Club but members receive twice as much goodness (that’s 6 bottles of our award-winning wines), 3 times each year. There are a few factors that came into play when deciding to name the larger shipment the Devereux Club. The first, and most obvious, is that it simply has more letters than Smith. But we also weighed in the extensive Devereux history (direct descendants of the Robert Devereux, the 2nd Earl of Essex and “favorite” of Queen Elizabeth I). The second, and perhaps more important factor: The Devereux family is very large and known for our inclination towards revelry. We hope that you will join our family in raising a glass, or a few, with the Devereux Club.