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Smith Devereux Redesign

Smith vs. Devereux

John Smith
February 7, 2018 | John Smith

Smith v Dev - Blogging Begins

Smith vs Devereux. This is how we’ve decided to share our adventures in the world of wine. Admittedly, a liberal use of the word versus, because this is not a competition. This is a friendly face-off, a medium for us to share our journey with you and include you as our wines evolve.  Put simply, we don’t like to talk about ourselves that much (well, sometimes Dev does) and this is our opportunity to do exactly that. We invite you to become a part of our story and we hope to become a become a part of yours. This collaborative effort will culminate each year in a wine club only release of a very special Smith vs Devereux wine (more on that later).

What’s important to know now? We are two great friends, whose partnership is driven by our shared vision to make great (enter swear word that begins with f here) wine. We are individuals who experience the world through our own eyes, yet complement each other like ice cold rose and a hot day… and a boat… or a beach… anyway. This is where it gets fun, and this is what we are looking to share with you here. Be warned, I think we’re about to transition into a 3rd party narrator yet to be named, so don't be confused and hold onto your hats!

Your friends,

Smith and Dev


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